5 Common Myths Surrounding Dentures: What to Know

A full set of acrylic dentures

Have you been struggling with missing teeth? Perhaps, your dentist recommended full or partial dentures to replace them and restore their function. At the same time, keep in mind that missing teeth can make your jawbone deteriorate. If you want to avoid this, you will need to address it right away, and as recommended by your dentist, a denture may be the best treatment option for you!

Unfortunately, dentures have gotten quite a bad reputation due to several myths surrounding them. In this post, we’ll debunk those myths to assure you that this dental treatment is an excellent choice when you need it:

1. It’s The ONLY Best Option

When it comes to missing teeth, dentures are not the best and the only option for a few reasons. Depending on your case, the best option for you may be dental implants instead. With that, these dental solutions are not the only option for missing teeth; it is up to your dentist to evaluate your teeth’ current condition to determine the best course of treatment. For this reason, when you have missing teeth, don’t assume that you will straightaway need dentures.

2. They Don’t Need Lots Of Care

You will be surprised to know that dentures are high maintenance compared to other tooth replacement options. Many people think that dentures don’t need extra or special care, but they do! For one, you need to remove them frequently for cleaning. Additionally, you can’t brush it like you would your natural teeth, which is why you need to take them out, or the bacteria could grow and lead to infections and bad breath.

Moreover, you need to take them out before you go to sleep or risk swallowing them. Also, since you need to remove the denture, you have to be extra careful with the appliance because you can easily shatter or break it.

3. You Can Eat Whatever You Want

Close up of a woman eating an apple in a park

Just because your teeth have been replaced doesn’t mean you can eat everything you want. Dentures, regardless of their natural-teeth-like function and appearance, are still not real and natural teeth. In fact, even with natural teeth, there are certain foods to avoid if you want to maintain good oral health. The same applies to dentures, but with a few modifications. Many people make significant changes to their diet after the treatment, and you also have to keep in mind that it takes time to get used to eating with your new teeth.

4. It Is Only Recommended At A Certain Age

A popular theme that comes with dentures is old age. However, many patients receive dentures even in their mid-twenties to thirties, meaning that dentures are applicable for all ages. Patients lose their teeth for various reasons, such as diabetes, gum disease, and other illnesses, which is why it doesn’t necessarily depend on a person’s age but more on their condition.

5. It Will Completely Change How You Chew

Rest assured that your chewing ability will not significantly reduce when you get dentures, especially with dentures attached to the gums. If you have difficulty chewing, this is most likely because of the dentures’ fit.


It’s easy to think about old age and your grandparents when you hear or read the word dentures. The truth is that everybody can have dentures, and there is no shame about it. As we’ve debunked several myths above, if you ever find yourself in a situation where dentures are the best option for your condition, then go ahead and get it!

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