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Welcome to SureFit Denture Clinic in West Vancouver, where crafting precision dentures is our passion. We’re dedicated to ensuring your comfort and boosting your confidence by crafting dentures that give you a beautiful smile. If you’re unable to visit us, don’t worry—we’ll come to you to begin creating your perfect pair of dentures.

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We started SureFit Denture Clinic as a mobile denture service, wanting to be able to help those of our patients who could not come to us. Now, wanting to provide an even more convenient and comfortable setting for our patients, we have opened a clinic in West Vancouver. Our two denturists, Danielle Ramos and Sarwar M. Sarwari, want to be able to offer precision-crafted dentures to as many people across Vancouver. After all, helping you be comfortable and giving you a beautiful smile with dentures is our passion.

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About SureFit Denture Clinic

Easy, Convenient, Comfortable Service

We are now excited to bring the latest in denture technology to our patients—digital dentures! These new dentures use detailed digital scans to create the most precise fit for your comfort. Our denturists, Danielle Ramos and Sarwar Sarwari, are eager to show how these dentures can offer greater comfort than traditional dentures. Whether you visit us in our clinic or use our mobile service, we’re committed to providing the very best in denture care to everyone in Vancouver.

Danielle Ramos & Moe Sarwari Your Denturists

Denture Service In The Comfort Of Your Home

Our new clinic in West Vancouver, SureFit Mobile Denture, features two highly skilled denturists, Danielle Ramos and Sarwar M. Sarwari. Danielle excels in mobile denture care, helping people get denture care across British Columbia in hospitals, homes, and care facilities. Sarwar began his career as a Dental Technician, and has now become a sucessful denturist who is an expert in creatively enhancing his patient’s smiles. Both denturists are esteemed members of the College of Oral Health Professionals of British Columbia, the Denturist Association of British Columbia, and the Denturist Association of Canada.

Moe & Danielle The Denturist Team


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Exploring Denture Options

Dentures aren’t just substitutes for missing teeth; they’re a gateway to renewed self-confidence and improved oral health. Partial dentures, or bridges, are ideal for those missing one or a few teeth. They not only fill the gaps but also prevent other teeth from shifting, maintaining the integrity of your natural smile. On the other hand, complete dentures, which replace an entire set of teeth, can rejuvenate your facial structure and help with clearer speech and easier eating.

The Art of Denture Creation

Creating your perfect dentures begins with a detailed understanding of your unique oral landscape. We measure your mouth and jaw meticulously, which helps us craft dentures that align well with your bite and enhance your facial aesthetics. Every set is shaped to complement your features, ensuring comfort that feels like a part of you. We also take impressions to capture every contour, guaranteeing dentures that are not just functional but also comfortable and visually appealing.



Mobile Denture Services

We also provide mobile denture services throughout Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey and Vancouver.

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We Have Denture Clinics Across The Greater Vancouver Area

We have partnerships with denture clinics all across Greater Vancouver. We look forward to seeing you at – 1405 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7T 2P9, but if you cannot make it, please consider one of our other denture clinics listed below.

True Fit Denture Centre

504 – 7380 King George Blvd Surrey, BC V3W 5A5

Digital Denture Centre

107 – 5967 168th Street
Surrey, BC V3S 3X5

Lower Mainland Denture Center

C2 – 12460 191 St, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2J2


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Dentures allow you to have a full smile while making it comfortable to talk and eat normally. However, you must ensure that they’re the right fit for your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll end up receiving more harm than good in maintaining your oral health. This article explains the three benefits of having perfect fitting dentures.

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The Undeniable Perks of a Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile denture clinics ensure healthier remote communities and lower medical costs by removing the need to travel to physical clinic locations. Rural populations can also reduce health risks and receive the care they deserve.

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