A Beginner’s Guide to Dentures: All You Should Know

Regardless of how your dental habits are or what the health of your teeth may be, there will come a time where you will need to get dentures.

Although many people dread the idea of getting dentures because it can easily come off as an “old-person-thing,” the truth is that the human mouth and its teeth aren’t all built to last for an eternity. From those in their 40s who wasted their youth on complacency to senior citizens who only have some teeth left, the need for these tools will come up sooner or later, which is why it pays to know the details.

We get it: you’ve probably spent more time believing that your teeth are indestructible than actually brushing up on the different factoids that you need to know about additional dental support in your older age. Of course, this same level of denial has brought you to a point where you’ll need to get dentures soon, yet you have no idea of what to expect!

Rest assured; it isn’t too late to learn about dentures and the different conditions that they entail because we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on all you need to know:

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices used to add to the inside of your mouth once age kicks in and starts compromising your teeth and gums.

Generally moulded from a special type of silicone composite and porcelain pieces, these nifty advancements in dental technology help replace any missing tooth (or an entire set of teeth). Compared to implants and other dental options, this form of dental treatment is non-invasive and completely perfect for older people who aren’t fit for surgical procedures.

Are they uncomfortable?

The general consensus is that wearing dentures can be quite uncomfortable for the initial period because of the adjustment that needs to take place for your mouth and the piece itself. Over time, this level of discomfort will quickly fade away and make you feel better about yourself, wherein you’ll eat, smile, grin, and bite with more ease and confidence.

Why should you consider getting dentures?

At first, you may feel a bit of apprehension towards the idea of getting dentures because of the mix of denial and a slight fear that you may be feeling deep inside. However, you’ll quickly realize just how much of a positive difference this dental treatment can make, thanks to the benefits that you’ll end up enjoying.

If you’re thinking about getting a set of dentures at SureFit Mobile Denture Clinic soon but aren’t sold on the entire idea yet, here are some compelling reasons that are too good to ignore:

  • Boosted self-confidence: Once you put on a set of dentures, you’ll quickly feel that you no longer have to compensate for the missing teeth that you once had because you’ll have identical replacements in your mouth. This results in more comfort in your mouth that will go a long way towards boosting your confidence so that you can smile without worrying about awkward gaps!
  • Improved mouth functioning: When you invest in a set of dentures, you’ll be able to restore your mouth’s function back to normal by having an easier time with chewing, biting, gnawing, and grinning!
  • Enhanced facial feature support: With a set of well-built dentures, you’ll have the right structural reinforcement in different parts of your face that may have sunken due to tooth loss or gum reduction. Thanks to the way dentures work, you can fill these gaps in and bring your face back in the right shape that it once had before!


Although the idea of getting dentures may seem a bit frightening at first, this shouldn’t take away from the fact that it’s a highly-desirable treatment alternative that will go a long way towards improving your dental health. Once you let an expert take over and craft the perfect piece for your needs, you’ll see dramatic improvements and bring your most confident smile back!

If you’re looking for a denture clinic in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, our practice’s team with decades of collective experience has got you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!

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