Before You Get Dentures: What They Are and What They Do

Denturist explaining how dentures work to a new patient

Dentures are dental prosthetics that replace missing teeth, allowing people with gaps of fallen or broken teeth to live more comfortably. Although it’s generally stable and a durable prosthetic, its representation in popular culture as punchlines may make people think that they’re not as effective. Because of this, people unfamiliar with dentures may be reluctant to try them out even when it’s necessary for their condition.

Real dentures aren’t as volatile, which makes them not susceptible to slipping or falling. With the help of the latest technology, modern dentures use advanced designs that can keep and stay secure in your mouth.

Understanding different dentures types

You may receive different dentures depending on your condition. Besides covering a different range of missing teeth, they may also have unique ways of maintaining their stability in your mouth. Listed below are three dentures that your dentist may prescribe you.

Lower suction dentures
An example of lower suction dentures
  1. Lower suction dentures: The latest innovation in denture technology are lower suction dentures. As its name implies, it uses suction to keep your dental prosthetics in place. They’re mostly for patients who no longer have any of their lower teeth and want a secure fit. It’s the second-best solution if you don’t want to go for surgical implants. However, keep in mind that not all lower suction dentures will respond well to all jaw sizes. It’s best to consult your dentist if this is the appropriate option for you.
  2. Partial dentures: These dental prosthetics are great for covering only a handful of missing teeth. It clasps to the nearby teeth to keep it firm and in place. Since it utilizes your teeth’s deep roots for stability, it’s much more firm than other dentures. Additionally, getting dental implants can reinforce how well your partial dentures can remain straight.
  3. Complete dentures: Unlike partial dentures, complete dentures depend on a thin layer of saliva, jaw bone, and gums to maintain its stability. Its shape will depend on your mouth’s natural form, which may not be as reliable as connecting to present teeth. These dentures are the most prone to giving discomfort to patients.

Reinforcing your dentures

For people who want to reinforce their dentures, it’s possible to have surgically implanted anchor points for them to hold onto. It’s a common solution for patients who need to have extra security in their complete dentures. These dentures over implants can replicate the feeling of simulating your jawbone’s mass, making it a long-term solution, unlike traditional dentures.

You may also opt for denture adhesive if you’re reluctant to try the surgical option. This high-quality adhesive can be an excellent way to adjust to new dentures, especially for the first few weeks of having them. Keep in mind that you should clean your dentures more often since the adhesive can catch food and debris. Leaving these soils in your mouth can cause plaque and bacteria growth, so it’s best to develop healthy preventative dental care habits.

Adapting to your dentures

It will take a while before your mouth becomes familiar with the presence of dentures. You may need to adjust your talking and eating habits for the first few weeks. It’s a safety measure to prevent the prosthetics from loosening at the early stages. It’s also necessary to shift your diet to softer food since dentures can easily break under strong pressure.


You shouldn’t be afraid of getting dentures, especially since it can promote better oral health overall. Although it may take a while to get used to having them, they’ll be an excellent tool to give you a healthier mouth and a brighter smile.

If you’re looking for a denture clinic in the Fraser Valley, we’re the right place for you. We provide mobile clinic services to serve your denture care needs. Contact us today, and let our experts handle your oral concerns.

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