Getting Long Overdue Dentures For Missing Teeth: What to Know

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If you’ve had missing teeth for a while now and have only recently decided to look for a solution to restore your smile, you can still rely on getting dentures, but it will ultimately depend on your condition. The best thing to do is to visit a specialist so they can make the decision that will be best for your oral health.

Your jawbone must receive stimulation from the present teeth you have and allow it to keep developing the nutrients your bone needs to repair itself naturally. But without the presence of teeth, you can expect your jaw to shrink and cease working correctly.

The process your jawbone goes through is called bone resorption. If you want to avoid going through that, you will need to see a denturist as early as possible to allow them to present a corresponding treatment based on your jaw structure. Keep reading below to find out more about bone resorption and getting dentures based on your needs.

What is Bone Resorption?

Bone resorption happens when you lose a significant amount of teeth, but you don’t get the proper denture implants right away. Your body then assumes that you don’t need that area of your jawbone. In turn, the part of your jaw that used to hold your teeth starts to shrink!

If you continue to do nothing about your missing teeth, your jaw can become weak, which results in the inability to hold potential dentures if you plan to get them in the future. Leaving your jaw bare can lead to other cases, including having your dentures realigned frequently or buying new dental dentures more often because they don’t fit your mouth the way they used to.

Luckily, you can still fix your situation and slow down the process of bone resorption. It all comes down to relying on a denturist who can accommodate your needs and provide the proper dentures that can stimulate your jawbone and prolong the lifetime of your implants.

How to Manage Bone Resorption

To help you achieve the best results, you need to go to a denture clinic so that a professional can handle your missing teeth promptly. If you don’t make an effort to fix your oral health, each time your jawbone shrinks, you can expect it to be more challenging for a denturist to provide you with a set of dentures that fit perfectly.

Since losing your teeth can lead to health complications if left untreated, it will be a lot harder to manage it if you don’t get it fixed as early as possible. Usually, patients will be given permanent dentures or dentures that utilize implants to keep your jawbone stronger. It’s a long-lasting solution that significantly benefits patients dealing with missing teeth. Besides, it will result in fewer visits to see a denturist because it offers robust support and gives you the freedom to eat more of the food you like without constantly worrying if your dentures will become affected or fall out at any second.


Remember that losing your teeth is a big deal. If you don’t do the appropriate actions to solve your situation, you can expect to undergo oral health issues that could’ve been avoided in the first place! To prevent spending more money and experiencing complications, you should visit a denturist near you to get your teeth checked by an expert who can help solve your oral problems.

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