Why Now Is the Time to Replace Dentures That Don’t Fit Well

Puzzle with one puzzle piece missing

Nothing gives you a boost of confidence like a great smile does, and dentures can help you achieve this. Not only that, but they also aid in restoring the proper function of your teeth, such as with eating or speaking. A good set of dentures also plays a role in your oral and overall health—so it’s essential that the ones you own are in tip-top shape.

Damaged or ill-fitting dentures can have adverse effects on your remaining teeth and gums. If your dentures are no longer right for you, then it’s important to have them fixed or replaced right away! Here are three reasons why you should make your way to a denture clinic near you to replace a set that doesn’t fit well.

1. Risk of Infection

Dentures that are worn out and no longer fit well can cause damage to your tissues and other problems in your mouth that can lead to ulcerations or fungal infections. Curing such issues will require more complicated dental procedures that will likely cost more than getting a new pair of dentures.

Try to consider the cost of getting new dentures in the long term as protection from more expensive dental bills from getting oral illnesses.

2. Long-Term Damage

Sticking it out with your old pair of dentures may be tempting, but it can cause long-term damage, aside from the short-term illnesses mentioned above.

If you’re suffering from more than just a little discomfort with your set of dentures, then continuously wearing them could cause severe consequences, like bone shrinkage. This can happen rapidly when the right chewing forces aren’t applied to the jaw bone. The bone will be replaced by scar tissue, which isn’t as strong and can change your overall facial structure and appearance. It will also lead to more oral problems in the long term!

3. Diet and Nutrition

Not only will problems with chewing affect your bone density, but it can also have an impact on your diet and overall nutrition. Having damaged or old dentures may give you discomfort when eating crunchy food or those with tougher textures that some leafy greens tend to have.

Being unable to eat fruit, vegetables, and other hard foods that are essential for good health can cause another set of health problems. Rather than waiting for more problems to arise and limiting your food intake, see a denturist in Fraser Valley and invest in a new set.

4. Problems Speaking

Dentures that don’t fit well can affect your ability to speak and go about the daily activities that require you to open your mouth. This can be incredibly frustrating and will have you feeling more uncomfortable.

To ensure that you don’t experience communication problems because of dentures that are always coming loose, consult an expert for a new pair of dentures that fit appropriately and will last you many more years.


Dentures are dental fixtures that allow you to live life like you normally would with a complete set of teeth. Missing teeth don’t have to get in the way of speaking and eating with a good pair of dentures.

However, these are not meant to be used forever! As they support your mouth and gradually change the alignment of your teeth and jaw, the need for a new pair will come eventually. Keeping dentures that have expired beyond their intended lifespan will not only cause a lot of unnecessary discomforts, but it will lead to more serious dental conditions as well.  With affordable dentistry well within reach, there’s no reason to prolong your agony and risk getting sick anymore.

Now might not be the best time to set a dental appointment, but with a mobile denture clinic like SureFit’s, you can get the dentures you need without leaving the safety of your home! We service all of Fraser Valley and the lower mainland for your denture fitting needs. To book a consultation, check our website today!

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