Senior man suffering from denture pain.
Denture Pain

The Truth About Denture Pain & Discomfort: What to Know

In the case that you were recommended to get dentures, you might have some apprehension about it because of the thoughts of pain and discomfort it could bring. However, don’t look at it as a bad thing. Some pain and discomfort that comes with dentures are normal and would usually go away on their own, especially when you’re still adjusting to them.

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Senior couple having breakfast outside
Denture Benefits

Right Replacements: Benefits of Having the Perfect Dentures

Dentures allow you to have a full smile while making it comfortable to talk and eat normally. However, you must ensure that they’re the right fit for your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll end up receiving more harm than good in maintaining your oral health. This article explains the three benefits of having perfect fitting dentures.

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Close up of a womans mouth

Getting Long Overdue Dentures For Missing Teeth: What to Know

If you’ve had missing teeth for a while now and have only recently decided to look for a solution to restore your smile, you can still rely on getting dentures, but it will ultimately depend on your condition. The best thing to do is to visit a specialist so they can make the decision that will be best for your oral health.

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Mobile Denture Clinic vehicle in Surrey
Mobile Denture Clinic

The Undeniable Perks of a Mobile Dental Clinic

Mobile denture clinics ensure healthier remote communities and lower medical costs by removing the need to travel to physical clinic locations. Rural populations can also reduce health risks and receive the care they deserve.

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Toothbrushes and dental equipment beside a model of human teeth
Dental Care

5 Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Your Dentures Better

One ever-present concern for those who wear dentures is the effect on the health of their gums. After all, the dentures will be stuck to your mouth for long periods of time. We have compiled these tips and tricks for better gum care. These do not just apply to the wearing of dentures, but to your health in general.

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Denturist explaining how dentures work to a new patient

Before You Get Dentures: What They Are and What They Do

You shouldn’t be afraid of getting dentures, especially since it can promote better oral health overall. Although it may take a while to get used to having them, they’ll be an excellent tool to give you a healthier mouth and a brighter smile.

Our latest article discusses some of the different types of dentures, reinforcement solutions, and the best ways to adapt to your new dentures.

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Puzzle with one puzzle piece missing

Why Now Is the Time to Replace Dentures That Don’t Fit Well

Damaged or ill-fitting dentures can have adverse effects on your remaining teeth and gums. If your dentures are no longer right for you, then it’s important to have them fixed or replaced right away! Here are three reasons why you should make your way to a denture clinic near you to replace a set that doesn’t fit well.

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